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Gold Number Sales

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer better products and services for our customers and are happy to announce our great new proposition – Gold Number Sales! What’s a Gold Number? Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number, when you can cho...

Gold numbers 2.png
Phil by Community Manager (Retired)
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Trade in just not working at all

I've heard others are having major problems with this. When I initially did my trade in checks on the app it all seemed to work fine, but my returns pack didn't arrive, I tried the checks again to see if that would help, again, no pack. I called Voda...

gdono by 3: Seeker
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I had a notification that said I won a prize on very me rewards but can’t find anything on app and now the notification has gone

Secure Net is Blocking My New Website - 2021

SecureNet seems to be blocking our companies new website.How can we get this unblocked? We've had multiple complaints from people who happen to be on the Vodafone Network that they cannot access our site. Our URL is: Thanks

Wrong charges for messages

Hi, I have been sending premium messages to Heart Radio at 82122 and it should charge me £2+SNR, and every time I send the second message, it should give me 4 entries and charge me just for 2, but now I have checked my bill for last month and this mo...

Securenet incorrectly blocking our website

Vodafone Secure Net is blocking our website incorrectly as harmful or dangerous, I have had the website checked by google tools and the website is showing as fine. We have multiple websites on this server linked to our company so this shows the serve...


Fraud report form not working

Hi,I'm trying to use the Fraud report form; I'm getting an error message when clicking submit. Tried different brows...

knuter by 2: Seeker
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Retrieve old number

I ported my number across from giffgaff to take over my  pay monthly number. I am now in need of my old number as it is still connected to my bank & iCloud and everything else. Is there anyway I am able to do this. I have spoke on live chat and didn’...

Mlcx_98 by 2: Seeker
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Not receiced a text message for 8 days

Hello. I'm 86 and need some advice please. I was on payg but then got a call telling me for £7.99 a month I could have a contract. This was on the 26th march. Since then I haven't been able to receive a text message. I have spent 6 days being fobbed ...

Missed call alerts

I’m confused.  When I go into mailbox settings menu.  There are several options for text messages alerts when a caller doesn’t leave a voicemail.  The thing I don’t understand is what is the difference between options 2 and 5.  2 is for text message ...

ASASHAW3 by 2: Seeker
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