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£550 Vodafone bill, need advice

Hi UKPF!So as the title suggests, my sister has just been hit with a £550 vodafone mobile phone bill. She started a 2 year contract 4 months ago, and for the first 3 mVidMateonths, as a perk, she received unlimited data usage. However, this month the...

Incoming calls issues_porting not complete

Hi Team,  Recently I brought a number to Vodafone and I discovered that some numbers cannot call me, the message is that the number is 'unrecognisable'.. This is unacceptable as this is a business number and each call may means a lot of loss from the...

EWG by 2: Seeker
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Please help - Default on credit file

Dear Forum and Vodafone, please can you help! While in the process of applying for a mortgage, today I have discovered that I had an unpaid bill the month after finishing my contract with Vodafone which has seriously affected my credit rating. I was ...

Credit file error correction

Can you please guide me to the credit file support team?I had a temporary pay monthly connection allocated to me by a vodafone customer service adviser in canary wharf when they were trying to move me from business to non business customer, at this t...

Sim swap not working

I lost my sim from my iPhone while swapping between my data only sim and normal contract voice/data sim. I called and asked for a new sim which I received the following day. I went on to voda simswap site and followed instructions for ‘cannot receive...

Menniej2 by 2: Seeker
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Roaming in Turkeyy

I'm surprised that the Community is not up in arms about Vodafone's plan to remove Turkey from their list of free roaming destinations.  Especially since the last time they tried it there was an outcry!  Is it down to Covid-19?

Thank you for your request text message

Recived this text from Vodafone at 3.05am this morning, ive not made contact with them for years "Thank you for your request - you've now got unlimited UK calls to mobiles and landlines (starting 01, 02, 03). You'll see the charge for this on your mo...

Ross1981 by 3: Seeker
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Removal of a default on my credit file

Hi, I have been advised to contact you to request a removal of a default on my credit file. On the basis it is an error, and thankfully I kept records to prove this. To provide the background, I had a sim only contract which ended in December 2016. I...

Bills older than 12 months

Hi, does anyone know how i can access and save a pdf copy of a bill which is not now showing on the drop down menu please ? 

MalPrice by 2: Seeker
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