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Complaints-porting issue mobile

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I joined Vodafone 14th November and ported my number from sky. There has been a split porting issue ever since. Since 14th November I have not been able to receive calls. Since joining Vodafone have escalated this atleast 20 times but the issue is still not resolved. I have raised a complaint and spent hours on the phone and over email. It is now on the hands of  a resolution manager who if I am  honest has not been the best in terms of contact etc. 

the last update I received was that they have still not had any progress in terms of the porting issue and it has again been escalated. They have offered me two months credit on the account as a full resolution. I do not feel that this is fair as a) I have been without the full service for over 11 weeks, and b) if I accept this as full resolution I will potentially be paying full contract price for a service I am not receiving and could be doing this for weeks/ months to come dependant on how long it takes to resolve the split porting issue.  Has anyone else experienced this. I do not care about being compensated as such I just want to receive the full service I signed up for and to receive something back in terms of credit that fairly reflects the issues and the amount of time the issues have been ongoing.  Wil try and contact the resolution manager who is assigned to my complaint but can never get through. I am told I will receive a call back and never do. Is there anyone higher I can go to, or any other way to progress the complaint and hopefully get this issue sorted out soon  I cannot go on for much longer not being able to receive calls it is affecting my day to day, I am missing work calls, calls from doctors, my kids school. It unacceptable to say the least 


16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Start posting on X/Twitter including Vodafone and Sky and I'm sure one of the social media team will help, but publicly shaming a company seems to be the only way to get anything taken seriously nowadays.