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Do you get wifi calling on 12 mth SIMO Unlmin 4GB Basics Plan

2: Seeker

Hi all,

Recently left Virgin mobile and joined Lebara, however they don't offer wifi calling.  I am considering switching to Vodafone, but where we are is very rural so will probably need wifi calling.  My question is is wifi calling on all packages?  Specifically the 12 mth SIMO Unlmin 4GB Basics Plan.  Had a look on the site, but couldn't see anything.




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17: Community Champion

Hi @alexgoldie79 


Basics is just that simple UK calls, texts and data without any of the extras.  To enjoy data calling and other extras you need to be on a Red or other unlimited tariff.


Vodafone would probably tell you that data calling does not work on a Basics tariff but there is no harm trying to set it up. Text calling to 97888 and follow the set up procedure you may be pleasantly surprised here: Data Calling 

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14: Advanced member

WiFi calling is available on the Basic plans. I used it!

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13: Advanced Member

If they offer WiFi Calling on PAYG and VOXI plans, I’m sure as hell they’d offer it on the Basics plans.

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