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2: Seeker

Hi, if I get a Flexi upgrade does it cut off the other phones contract? I have just paid an early termination fee for one of these and I don't want to be stuck paying 2 contracts. It states that it pays off the phone but nothing about cutting off the contract and I can't find any answers online. 


Thanks in advance :Smiling:

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Sinaeddowson 


It sounds like you have terminated one of the contracts. Vodafone used to offer flexi upgrades but this has been changed.  If you upgrade you need to be out of contract and this will be with one of the new new Evo contracts here: Evo 


edited to add:  If you re already on an Evo contract and pay off the device part of the plan it will also end the airtime part of the contract but this will continue as a SIM only 30 day roll over contract until you cancel or upgrade to new Evo contract with a new device and airtime plan.  


All the information will be on the Evo link.


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17: Community Champion

Hello @Sinaeddowson


This is going to need access to the account. 

Please contact customer services on 191 or Live Chat and they'll look into this. 

The Vodafone Social Media Team's via Facebook Messenger or Twitter Dm can access accounts too. 


I wish you all the best. 

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Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb.


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Samsung Z Fold³ 256gb.

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17: Community Champion



Before speaking to Vodafone to cancel or upgrade the airtime contract, check your Application or online account, both will give full information on your agreements, including contract end date. 

Any change you have just made will show on the following months bill.

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