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Global Roaming plus

2: Seeker

Does anyone know where i can find the terms and conditions of global roaming plus? I am currently in netherlands for an extended period due to travel restrictions. I have global roaming plus which should cover 81-100 countries. Vodafone business team is telling me that roaming only covers me if i call within Netherlands or back to the UK. If i call anywhere else despite the countries being in the global roaming plus list, apparently i will have to pay per minute charges. I am pretty sure this is not correct but they keep insisting it is. Anyone who had same issues?

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17: Community Champion

Hi @hglondon 


If you have Global Roaming Plus you won't be charged for calling a roam further listed country.  The best I was able to find is here: Global Roaming 


Just to mention as you are abroad for an extended period quite sure Vodafone are going to start charging when you have been aborad for longer than 4 months but you should receive a text notification before any charges are added to your monthly bill but it will continue to be free to receive.

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16: Advanced member

Hi there,

So basically the difference between 'Global Roaming' and 'Global Roaming Plus' is that you won't pay the 6 GBP daily charge for roaming in the countries on the list. 

What's separate to this is the free EU roaming this has been mandated by the European Union. As part of the legislation that was introduced in 2017, this means you can 

  • Roam in the European Union
  • Make calls / send texts to ANY EUROPEAN number

So when you're at home in the UK, you pay (unless you have a bundle) to call EU destinations (as it's an international call). However when you're roaming, the legislation means it's free.

So you can call from The Netherlands to any number in the EU and you won't be billed.

Calls to outside the EU aren't covered though so Vodafone can (and will) charge you if you try to call from The Netherlands to any number outside the EU.


As for the point around being charged if you spend two much time abroad. I wouldn't worry for now. I've not seen anyone report that Vodafone have charged them for being abroad too long (and I know people who have moved to Spain and Germany and are still going happily on their free roaming. The only time I've seen anyone charged for exceeding the amount of time spent abroad was a friend of mine on SFR France who spent lockdown in the UK. They billed him for exceeding time abroad. 


Hope this helps

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17: Community Champion



Quite sure Vodafone are now going to be identifying customers who have been abroad permanent roaming and start charging after a 4 month period.


So definitely customers should be concerned when still abroad roaming after 4 months.

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16: Advanced member

Ah, I wasn't aware of that.

They said from the start that they would do this.

Hadn't realised they had started enforcing it. When did this start?

As for the original poster, they can't do this without giving you a heads up. 

So ball is in their court.

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