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How do I switch from a business account to a normal account so I can use my Apple Watch as a phone.

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I had a company phone which when I left I kept the number and now pay Vodafone via Six?  I cannot link my mobile to an Apple Watch as business accounts do not allow this Six cannot help me and 191 just redirects me to Six. Endless loop of going nowhere. I pay Vodafone direct monthly 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Your account will be with 6Communications @JohnSummers here they should be able to give some advise.

This question has been raised before with OneCom and it's a difficult one for sure.  As your account is with a third party company, you would need to obtain a PAC from 6Communications and port the number out, as you can't port Vodafone to Vodafone, you would need to port to any other network as PAYG and port back in directly with Vodafone on a new personal account. Unfortunately, this will incur any early termination charges from 6.

It won't help but if you were directly with Vodafone you would simply only need to complete a transfer of ownership from business to personal.

The other alternative is to wait until the contract with 6 reaches it's minimum term or take out an additional personal number directly with Vodafone. 

No doubt this thread will be picked up by the Social Team here on the forum and they may have a better solution.

Anns thanks for response, as you say it’s complicated and expensive if I terminate early. As it would only be used as a phone in emergencies, I will wait until end of contract and then move to EE