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I am considering taking legal action against Vodafone. They forgot to link my IMEI to my number

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I am considering taking legal action after chasing Vodafone for 3 weeks with incompetent Customer Service. I had my phone stolen and I need usage proof of my IMEI. I bought the phone at Vodafone and I have a monthly contract to use my phone and number. 

I have been on the phone and on email to Vodafone at least 15 times. I have tried to escalate it and I have now managed to raise a complaint. Vodafone just simply say they can't find usage of my IMEI. This is because they failed to link my number to my IMEI when they sold me the phone and the contract. 

I have seriously lost the opportunity to have a phone insured and lots of money for wasted time on the phone to Vodafone. My question is, when looking at the contract with Vodafone they did enter the phone number but they didn't enter the IMEI I had just purchased from them. Do they have an obligation to provide usage for an IMEI they sold you and that is the phone you sed and they bill you every month? . In the contract, do they need to list the IMEI YOU WILL USE? It feels a waste of time chasing them and my complaint also has not been looked at.

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Hi @patriciaverona 


I can appreciate how you would be unimpressed and frustrated with this situation.

As far as I'm aware when you use a phone on the network the imei should latch to your account so they can see usage.

Some people buy their phone's from the manufacturer or 2nd hand so they would need proof of usage too if this happened to them.

I would suggest to let your complaint you've raised play out to see what happens.

The Vodafone Social Media Team's here are also part of the customer relations team so can see your raised complaint.

You can speak to them via Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM Here. 

Unfortunately there is no account access via this forum.

I wish you all the best with this. 

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Vodafone will have a record of the IMEI because the IMSI and the IMEI are sent to the BTS (cell towers). After the phone is "attached" to the BTS it will only send the IMEI - the IMSI will be replaced with TMSI which will be sent from the BTS and not back to it.

Vodafone are well known for making things difficult when it comes to reporting lost or stolen phones. In fact, if I was a thief, I'd target Vodafone phones as there is a greater chance of those handsets not being barred.

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