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Pay monthly

Impossible to get Trade-in return pack

3: Seeker

A month or so back I upgraded, but had to wait a while as Zfold3 was out of stock... when it arrived I expected it to include a return pack for old trad-in Galaxy S20 Ultra.


I've waited and nothing turned up, except yesterday a text saying return must be received in 11 days or else I'll be charged for it. No Returns pack, or instructions on how to get one.


Tried the chat-bot, useless, got put through to someone who then refused to respond on chat.


Rang customer services, had to do extended security check as somehow they have trashed my data of birth... something I'm pretty sure of!... and then told me I had to use the Trade-in tool on old phone.


Put SIM back into old phone, tried the MyVodafone app... trade-in ... enter number + texted ID.... then IMEI... "phone not eligible"... why not visit our website!... and repeat loop.


Seems a con. Agree a trade-in price then make it impossible for people to trade in old phones.

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