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default credit file removal

2: Seeker
2: Seeker



Can somebody help me please.

3 years ago I had a vodafone home broadband after the contract finished I contacted customer service and asked for an upgrade. I couple weeks later my internet was not working so i called customer service again and they told me that my broadband had been canceled by mistake and that i would need to wait 28 days or something like that for it to go live again. I was told them it is impossible i work at home and I got children we cant wait. So they suggest sending a dongle the following day and it never arrived. So I was advised to go to the shop and temporary take out a dongle and return it before 30days. Eventually I  called to cancel everything i returned the dongle before 30days and cancelled the broadband.


A couple months later I start receiving text messages from vodafone about paying bills so I called customer service again and they said I don't owe nothing and should ignore the texts so I did. A year later am getting debt collection letters am now stressed so i call customer service and they say they would put notes on my account and should not worry. 


Yesterday I tried to apply for a new credit card and was rejected so I decided to pay for Experian to see my credit file and i saw 10 defaults from vodapfone today I called customer service and the lady is telling me to wait 30 days that they are investigating but I cant trust vodafone anymore, I feel was an excuse to get off the phone.


Can some help and advise me please.

Thank you



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

There's no account acces via the forum, I'm afraid.   However, if you drop a note to the Social media team on Facebook or Twitter, they can escalate this to Credit File Support for you.   They are the only people who will have details now, but they will also have access to the full history and be able to help you.