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Marketing Preferences - Device and Service Preferences

4: Newbie

I have a contract with five SIM Only sub-contracts, three are for my kids' phones.


I log in to my account and choose which of the five phone numbers I wish to examine without issue.

I would normally expect full control of all other components too, but this is not the case when I choose Marketing Preferences. The General Preferences at the top of the list are applicable to all and further down is a list of all five phone numbers under the sub-heading Device Or Service Preferences.

The top two are the phones I use, one for personal and one for business. I can modify every setting within there too, the problem arises when I choose any one of the other three (the kids' numbers).

Within those three I cannot modify anything, it is greyed out and the at the top of the list is an information pane which says I must contact [MY USER NAME] to modify these settings, but that's me!

Can anyone shed any light on how I can access these settings? Image attached.


Thanks in advance.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Sadly I only use one number so cannot check in my own myvodafone for you @frunet

While waiting for other replies it might be beneficial to speak with customer service on 191 so they can access your account to help.

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



I did already, useless as usual.
"I'll just fix that for you." they said.
"I've sent you a new password by email" they continued, before concluding with "You'll need to log in again in 30 minutes".

"Yeah, right" I said. 

30 minutes later, no change. 1 hour later, no change. 2 hours later, no change. 3 hours later, no change.
Vodafone really sucks at anything not device related and they're not much good at that most of the time. I'd switch if another provider had a signal where I live.

Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

@frunet It's very strange why you're unable to access them. As it's telling you to contact your own username, I can only think that there must be a little error in this part of My Vodafone. 

So we're able to investigate further and look into helping you change these marketing preferences, please get in touch using the link in my private message 🙂

4: Newbie

Hey there! It sounds like you've got quite the setup managing those SIM contracts, especially with your kids' phones in the mix! It's odd to hear about the hiccup with modifying preferences for those lines. Maybe there's a simple fix hiding somewhere. Have you tried reaching out to customer support for assistance? They might have some insights on how to tackle this.