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Pay monthly

Missed call message keeps going to Romanian Vodafone voicemail

4: Newbie

My daughter has a UK Pay Monthly Vodafone SIM used on a UK mobile phone etc set to the UK English language.

When she misses a call and gets a the missed call message, selecting the message rings the Vodafone Voicemail in Romania on 40722033334

Have tried changing the Voicemail settings etc, but this keeps happening.


Any ideas what is going on?



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17: Community Champion

Hi @harry66 


That's certainly a strange one.


If your Daughter is getting missed call notifications she probably has slam down notifications enabled from voicemail settings here :  Voicemail for when someone calls reaches voicemail and hangs up.


The voicemail number from the call settings should automatically be set to 121.  The number for calling voicemail from overseas is +44 7836 121 121, you can try entering the full number and see if it makes a difference.  You can also try the SIM in an alternative phone, this will confirm a phone issue.


A factory reset of the phone should sort out the problem and this may be necessary to clear the phone of any bugs.  Please see device guides here: Device Guides 


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16: Advanced member

Has it ever had a Romanian SIM card in it? The handset.

Sounds like the voicemail shortcut is set to Vodafone Romania. 

If your daughter is UK customer and using Vodafone UK then just tell her to call 121 to pick up any messages. 

The idea of resetting the phone may be a good suggestion to get this strange number removed.

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Hi @harry66, this does sound odd! @donnyguy raises a good point here, did you purchase the handset from us directly, or second hand from a third party?

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