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Move work number to personal number with new phone

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I need help! A couple of days ago I initiated a live chat with Vodafone about moving my phone number, which is currently held by my work, to a personal account, as I am leaving my job. I was transferred to the business team, and they advised that was possible. So I purchased a new phone with them (as I have to hand mine back) and they said all I needed was the PAC code to do this. The existing work phone is already with Vodafone so I thought this would be easy.
New phone arrived and I have set it up. Now contacted live chat again with the PAC code as provided by my work. Now I am being told it's not possible without my work transferring the contract to my name, then setting up a pay as you go contract, then transferring it, then changing the contract again.

I feel like I have been sold a phone under false pretences, having been told this would be easy. I can't see my work being able to transfer my contract as it is part of a much bigger contract with thousands of phones on worldwide. 
Why is this so complicated??? Other providers don't have this issue. I am sorely tempted to return the phone (even though I have set it all up) and go with another provider.

Anyone at Vodafone able to help me? 



Hi @Simpo Sorry to hear the trouble you're facing with this. In order to transfer a number from an existing Vodafone account to another Vodafone account, both accounts would need to be registered under your name or have the number transferred to an account registered under your name. If the service was with another provider, you would then be able to use the PAC to transfer with. The process differs when a number is already on the network. This form can be used by the current service owner to request to transfer the number. Alternatively, a return can be process within 14 days with our team on 03333040191.