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Receiving OTP whilst in Brazil

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

I live in the UK but travel to Brazil 3 or 4 times per year. When I had a Vodafone PAYG sim I used to keep it in a spare iphone 7 and I would receive OTP's without having to action a Roaming Abroad plan. I was persuaded by a cold-caller to switch to a pay monthly plan and now when I am in Brazil I cannot receive the OTP's even though the local operator (Vivo) shows on the screen with a strong signal.

I have tried it with Mobile Data Options - Roaming On and also with Mobile Data off. No success.

Any ideas how to proceed.......this must be a pretty common situation but there seems to be little discussion about it.




Hey @Simon-Clayton Thanks for reaching out to us. So that we can take a look into this for you and go through some steps, can you please reach out to our Social Media team on either Facebook or X

Thanks for the reply Callum but I'm a dinosaur when it comes to social media - no facebook, x, or instagram. Never mind, the issue is not killing me so I'll just take things as they come !

I completely understand @Simon-Clayton. If you'd prefer, you can speak to our Webchat team here

Thanks for the tip Callum, I am usually pretty reluctant to talk to Chatbots as they generally lead you nowhere however I got through on the Webchat to a real human (or maybe not.....maybe Vodafone has aced AI ?!) and got the answers I needed (although I did have to insist that I had seen somewhere on the site that you could receive SMS's for free when abroad without paying the daily roaming).  The chat was followed up by an email from Vodafone saying:

Thank you for your request - we've removed the incoming call roaming bar from your account.
Just to confirm, you can now receive calls and texts on your mobile while you're abroad.

So I am now up and running receiving OTP's whilst I'm abroad in Brazil. If you hadn't come back promptly to me on 2 occasions I would have given up ! Thanks.