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Roaming fair usage data limits in Republic of Ireland

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi all,


As my monthly Vodafone bill has just gone up, I’m looking around at alternatives that might be better value and fit my needs more than my current plan. I visit the Republic of Ireland fairly often and require unlimited mobile data when there - this has currently involved me paying for an Irish data plan due to Vodafone’s 25GB fair usage cap on inclusive roaming destinations, however I’ve since discovered that both EE and Three do not include the ROI in their roaming fair usage policy data cap and allow users’ full UK allowance to be used. This is supposedly due to customers that live in the border regions of NI frequently connecting to ROI masts.

Can anyone confirm whether this is also the case with Vodafone? I am hoping so, especially since they have such a large presence in the Irish market. In case it makes a difference, I’m on an Unlimited Max Plan from March 2021 which includes Global Roaming Plus, but would also be keen on cheaper unlimited plans should Irish roaming be included as standard…

Thanks in advance :Smiling:



Hey @southwark17 I hope you are doing well! Roaming in our 'Zone A' destinations, which include Republic of Ireland, is included at no extra cost in all of our Pay Monthly plans so you won't need to buy a roaming pass. There is still the 25GB Fair Use cap in place though for any destination outside of the UK, no matter what zone you roam in. You can find out all about roaming here