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Terrible Upgrade Offers

3: Seeker
3: Seeker

Anyone else receive TERRIBLE upgrade offers from Vodafone even when being a customer for long periods of time? What is the point of sticking to one company when their offers are WORSE than all their competitors?
Your prices are higher than everyone else’s even when the offer is for a 36 month contracts and competitors are 24 month contracts. How does that even make sense?

Would be nice to be offered SOMETHING good for being with you for so long now. 
Even the offers on your tablets and smartwatches are AWFUL.

At this point shopping around is a necessity so you don’t get ripped off by your own provider. I’ll be excited to leave when my contract ends at this point might be more valued by another provider.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

The only way you are going to get something cheaper with Vodafone on an Evo contract is by trading in your old phone @ConnorBaugh .


Otherwise, look at third party options, they come cheaper, but don't go for an upgrade, go for a new contract with a new number and move the number you want to keep to the new contract. Providing you are out of contract this is easily and quickly completed within 24 hours by porting out the number you wish to keep to any other network on PAYG and port back in on the new contract.  If you use the forum search facility, you will find examples on how this is done.

Hi, I’ve never used an EVO contract, the EVO contracts are even worse and RIDICULOUSLY expensive. 
I don’t understand the reasoning for these prices as Vodafone aren’t offering anything special. At least they certainly have not for myself. I should just be able to expect a reasonable upgrade after having been a customer for 4 years already.

If I can be offered better deals hundreds of pounds cheaper by 3rd parties then surely one of the biggest mobile providers in the world can beat them?

It’s frustrating. When I went for a sim only 2 years ago because the upgrades were terrible prices I was hoping that maybe now the upgrades offers would be better now as I’ve been with the company longer. Turns out they don’t value returning customers at all.

Thanks for the suggestions but it doesn’t fix the issue of Vodafone not caring about their customers.

Play the game and switch providers! It's easy enough to switch, and if one is unsure about coverage then just order a free pay go SIM and check before you commit.



I agree with you in that the network should be leading the way with loyalty and provide the best / better offers and blowing the independents out of the water ,but it looks like the independents gets a kick back from the network for opening a new contract and give some of this kickback back via a cheaper tariff/ better allowances 

This is probably why it's easier to open up a new contract and then have to jump through hoops to move your number across.

This is why I personally suggest to ask for an upgrade primarily.


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I will try calling them again but last time I got nowhere with them. Hopefully they’ll start caring about keeping their customers soon enough.

If they can’t whip up a good offer for me this year I’ll just be leaving them for good. Disappointing but I suppose it’s the way it goes. Bad service and overcharging.

If the agent can't offer you anywhere near close then ask to be put through to retentions as you'll be needing a Pac and see if that helps or ring 191 and choose the Thinking of Leaving option @ConnorBaugh 

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17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Networks are obliged to contact the account holder in the last month of contract @ConnorBaugh , the text would have detailed all your options when the contract reaches the end of the minimum term. 


It is not necessary to contact Customer Services for a PAC, this is completed by a text message here: Terminate Contract when you receive the PAC you will receive a sorry you are leaving message, with a number to call to discuss your options should you decide to change your mind. 


You should at least ask for a loyalty discount, 10% is fair but you should be able to haggle for 15%. for a SIM only contract, this should bring it down a little but will still be more expensive than going the third party route and moving the number to the new contract.



17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Sometimes the act of asking for a Pac via a call and not a faceless text can instigate a more preferencial discussion / deal making which is what I'm meaning.

Also choosing the Thinking of leaving is an option to show possible intent to leave which again can trigger a more favourable response @ConnorBaugh 

I wish you all the best.  :Smiling: 

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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



Come back and tell us if you were offered anything! One of my contracts is up soon, I'm likely off to Lebara.