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Transferred Vodaphone contract, unknown bill has ruined my credit score.

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Can someone please give me some help, I have been passed from pillar to post and can get no clear answers....I took out a contract in January 2020, this was for my son who is in the Army and is based in Cyprus atm. In April (after 3mths minimum term) I transferred ownership to him. I was not told of any outstanding debt on the phone and was unaware this was escalating on my credit file. I even received a letter from a debt collection agency for about £38. When checking my credit report it was listing missed payments on my vodaphone account (bear in mind I also have Broadband & Phone with you) . As soon as I tracked down the error , I contacted you and paid the outstanding amount of £31. I was assured at the time that any credit issues would be resolved. Well they haven`t, in fact they have got worse. I have just checked and my credit score and it is showing 3 missed payments and I am down 100 points ! My wife and I are worried sick as we are planning to remortgage shortly and this error (not of my making) is having a detrimental affect on our credit history and future credit applications.

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@Camufug To get a clear picture of whether these credit file markers are valid at all, we'll need to look into your account and go over the dates of transfer of ownership/payments. So we can discuss this privately and securely with you, please can you reach out to our team using one of the following channels mentioned Here.

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