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Vodafone paused my loan when I am not even in the armed forces. I now cannot get a mortgage.

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I feel like having a mental health breakdown. I need urgent help from anybody.


An advisor attempted to set up a Promise to Pay for me recently on the telephone. He was unable to do so and said it was due to "technical glitches" with the system. The advisor informed he has a workaround by "pausing my Vodafone account for me" but he never told me of the dire consequences this would have so I said ok.


2 weeks later, Vodafone has now reported to all credit reference agencies I am in a "SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT" or "SPR (Special Payment Arrangement)" and I have also found on the Vodafone forums, that loans (Vodafone EVO) are only paused for armed forces. I am definitely not... I'm NHS.


I feel like literally crying, I now cannot get a mortgage as my credit score has plummeted. We are in a cost of living crisis and one of my credit card companies are going to be doing a hard check shortly, when they do I fear loosing my limit because of this. It now looks like I can't afford anything.


The Promise to Pay wasn't even my fault, the reason I needed it was because a Vodafone advisor incorrectly applied credits to my bill. My account is currently £380 and in collections for faults, not of my own, after multiple advisors assured I have had credits on my account and to wait for my next bill to generate as the credits would reflect. My latest bill generated the other day with only half of the credits showing therefore I owe £380 by the 27th of this month.


I went on live chat to explain the situation, the advisor saw all the notes and said an error was made and apologised and transferred me to a team leader. I said I wanted to raise a formal complaint. The team leader offered me £35.00 as complaint resolution and said this happened because the credits were unallocated to my bill strangely.


I have a critical illness flag on my account and a vulnerability flag due to long-term chronic illnesses and autism. I explained this to the Vodafone team leader from FIS Global and he told me that if I refused to budge up £22.00 he will not give me any compensation for the complaint and raise it to the customer relations.


Low and behold, he did raise a complaint with Customer Relations but allocated the complaint to himself and I knew he did because on it had his full name and said FIS Global. I emailed back immediately saying if you are the team leader I want you unallocated on this complaint as you're who I am complaining against trying to get me pay money when my bill technically isn't even owed yet. 


He ignored the email and then immediately closed the complaint saying no contact from customer. That is a new complaint thats gone to Customer Relations last night which took nearly a three hour phone call. 


Then to top it all of, it's 3am and I have just found out about my credit rating after my Mortgage in Principle which was originally valued at over £150,000 has come back with ZERO! saying I have negative markers and highlighted at the Vodafone's Special Arrangement!!!! 


None of this was my fault. I don't want to call 202 anymore, I get this isn't a vodafone staff facing forum. I understand you're all community members. I am just ranting at this point. I have a feeling I will need to take this case to Arbitration its just got too much and it's so stressful I have spent countless hours on calls and when I do make a complaint, you want to know what they'll offer to make me quiet? A £50 "goodwill gesture", 

I am just ranting at this point and I can't sleep.


I am just so upset with Vodafone. This has ruined my life, maybe not permanently, but atleast temporarily. Why would an advisor even pause an account when its for Armed Forces especially as all I needed was a promise to pay for 9 days... 


Since the bill was generated showing £380, I don't want to pay this as the credits should've been allocated  correctly in the first place. I have submitted a Subject Access Request to get all of my data from Vodafone as I feel this isn't going to go away anytime soon and I don't see anybody giving me specialist support.


I contacted the Vodafone Accessibility Team yesterday who apparently help people with markers like mine. They didn't help. I explained the situation for over 25 minutes to them, to which they transferred me to the Fraud Triage team. Fraud Triage said they couldn't assist me and they have no way to transfer calls internally and all they can do is give me the 191 number to call. 


None of this should've happened. The bill stuff was just weird in the first place. I first was meant to pay 100.72, however, an advisor incorrectly advised me that they had wiped my full bill so on the 30th January I complained an advisor went ahead and credited £78.00 so my balance bought forward should've only been £22 approximately in the first place and it ended up being the full £190.


As a customer, I find it so confusing when a team leader tells you about the credits being unallocated etc. Like is this my problem? No. The bill wasn't even generated when the credits were applied, so how they went "unallocated" and missed my recent bill is just beyond me.


I don't know if I can hold much hope with the Vodafone Social Media team because they tell everyone to read a PM for ways to contact them, but even then they're called Social Media team. I don't have any social media hence why I have registered here in the first place. So I will most likely be stuck at square one with no help.


My illnesses aren't getting any better, I suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. I get painful blisters all around my body that cause severe infection. I am just constantly stressed with Vodafone and then I can't believe they paused the account putting a special arrangement in place. Their accessibility teams even have evidence from a Hospital Consultant about my illnesses, however I did not meet the critical illness threshold to close the accounts. It is all noted with flags on the account.


I just don't get any of this. I am just tired of all this with Vodafone.


Nobody will probably read this post anyway I am just ranting on and on with myself I just cannot believe I am so stupid and dumb to keep my custom with Vodafone after all of this.


Well actually I feel better now I have ranted everything. It's 3:30am now so I am gonna go to bed, just so stressed.




Community Manager
Community Manager

I'm sorry to hear you've had this kind of experience @Anonymous, this isn't the kind of thing we want for any of our customers. For us to take a look into this for you, we'll need access to your account. This will mean us asking you for some personal information, we can't do this publicly for security reasons, so would need you to contact via one of our social channels. If you don't use social media, please reach out to us via one of our other platforms and we'll be able to help get this straightened out for you 

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Hi @Mark. I spoke to the FCA Directors Customer Relations Team today. They've spoken to the Credit File Team aswell who said an error did occur and have now removed the entry to my credit file. They also took my account out of collections as it shouldn't have ever gone into collections and have also applied a credit of £100 to the account.


For anybody else having issues: Vodafone, in my opinion, purposely makes it difficult for you to actually speak to Customer Relations. [Removed]


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