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Vodaphone has destroyed my credit score and i can't remorgage my house !!!

2: Seeker

In october 2020 i have got an early upgrade. Terms were i have to send my old devices in. I have send my devices in october 2020 and then in march 2021 i have been slapped with a bill for £1000 because Vodafone has not received the devices. I went back to them and said it was ridiculous that i  asked to pay when i have send the devices back to them and why am i getting contacted after 6months when at that point i don't even have the proof of postage as i didn't think to keep it for 6 months! Despite the fact it was not my fault i was forced to pay which i did in installments. Then they turned around and said i shouldn't have been on this plan and I had remaining balance £353.68 and they stopped monthly installments and put me to debt collectors! I have then paid off the full remaining balance and been promised that my credit will be fixed, but they never have!! On top of that they have messed up my credit score with experian from excellent to very poor!!! I have been on the phone to customer service team for the past 2 weeks, emailing to directors, contacting online team amd no help whatsoever! I am in the middle of remortgaging my house and i can't get ahead because of vodaphone as they won't fix my credit! No one wants to give me contact details for credit team in vodaphone that can actually fix it all. I have been going around in circles for past 2 weeks and i have a deadline with morgage. I am in such a stress that i am about to loose my life savings and stay with nothing because of vodaphones mistakes and incompetance!!!! Vodaphone cannot even explain what I have done wrong or what i should have done, every employee i speak to says they synpathise and understand me but yet nothing is getting resolved. I will do everything in my power to get this to everythread i can all over the internet so people are aware what kind of service vodaphone has to offerer to their customers who have been with them for over a decade!

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17: Community Champion

I sympathise with your current situation @Edmond13 

As far as I'm aware the Vodafone Credit File Specialist Team's are not customer facing so there is  o contact information for them for people to speak to them directly. 

The Vodafone Social Media Team's via Twitter DM or Facebook Messenger liase with them on your behalf and they also deal with complaints.


It's not my place to say whether the default that would stay in situ for 6 years is warranted or not.

I wish you all the best with this. 


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