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Gold Number Sales

We’re constantly looking at ways to offer better products and services for our customers and are happy to announce our great new proposition – Gold Number Sales! What’s a Gold Number? Why get stuck with that randomly assigned number, when you can cho...

Gold numbers 2.png
Phil by Community Manager (Retired)
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Vodafone not honouring Black Friday deal through third parties

I got a black Friday deal with @buymobiles_help. Today they told me @VodafoneUK declined my application. I called Vodafone and they said it's because I'm already a customer. I did select the "already Vodafone Customer" Flag when putting the request i...

Rents78 by 4: Newbie
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What are a Vodafone up to?? First I get palmed off to Onecom without being asked, so that the guys in the Vodafone shop don’t want to know, then they lock me out of the app! I am not happy with how I’m being treated by Onecom either. 

Default payment

Hello, i have recetly applied for a mortgage however my credit rating came back with a default payment to vodafone in 2017 for £200. I switched to EE and closed my account which vodfone confirmed at the time,  how can i get this removed?? 

HS500 by 3: Seeker
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Wifi calling

Just tried to get Wifi Calling set up on my iPhone SE as it told me to contact Vodafone.First chat operative yesterday told me text CALLING to 97888. Text comes back "Thank you for activating Wifi Calling, we'll activate it within 24 hours and be in ...

GStevens by 4: Newbie
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required noitce to end contract?

vodafone have been unbelievably crap to night.After being charged a whopping 23 quid for a call that was local from a landline I wanted to complain and I was told by 'deepak' basically thats what they do, it was my fault, it was in my contract and i ...

Resolved! NUC code

I am being sent around in circles by Vodaphone. Tried online support, telephone call and visited shop twice today. I'm NO FURTHER FORWARD!!! My pay monthly contract ended in December, spent an hour on live chat to confirm we wanted to end contract an...

Marronj by 1: Seeker
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Default Account

Hi - Can somebody let me know if there is a number to call regarding a default account. Thanks!

aslamg21 by 2: Seeker
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