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pay off contract early

4: Newbie

hi,  I'm been with Vodafone since Feb 2023,  since 14th nov 2023,  I've not been able to access my online account, when I try to log onto my account, I get the error message "An unexpected error occurred when trying to log you in. Please wait a moment then try again.

I've had numerous messages to Social Media team,  but all I get from them is backend team are dealing with it,  but really don't think they know what's going wrong with my account.  I can't download my bill etc If I  need see my bill ,   I need to call CS and get them to send it to me via email attachment.  I still contracted to Feb 2025.  I am so fed up with it all now,  just looking for a way to get out of contract or pay it off completely.  I have signed up with another network with a new number. which I'm happy with and just wanting off Vodafone as quickly as possible. I can access my one number account and this community with no issues,  just my main account I can't access



thanks in advance


2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Contact Vodafone customer support, inform them of the persistent issue with your online account access since November 14, 2023. Express your dissatisfaction with the lack of resolution despite multiple messages to the Social Media team. Request a clear explanation or a solution within a specific timeframe. If the issue persists, inquire about contract termination options or paying off the contract early. Clarify your intention to switch to another network and provide necessary details for a smooth transition.