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2: Seeker

I am getting better deals for Vodafone contracts from third parties then direct from vodaphone, how does this work? Also when I try and check if I can upgrade I get refusal from  the 3 different third party websites. I am not tied into any contract with Vodafone, where does the issue lie?


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi @leo450 

3rd party businesses can sometimes offer better deals as they don't have the financial burden of running a network and some get a kickback from the network for a new contract so you'll be issued with a new mobile number, so pass on some of this to the customer hence a lower tariff cost or initial handset cost.

In regards to being issued a new mobile number this can be a bind to then get your own number back. 

Moving old vodafone number onto new Vodafone Contract.
There are two avenues this can be achieved

First way is to Cancel the old contract and ask for the number to be moved to Vodafone Pay As You Go.  

The mobile number will be arranged to be moved to Pay As You Go after a period of 30 days.  You will then receive a brand new PAYG SIM card to activate, and top up the minimal amount to get everthing activated on the Vodafone network.  

You will then be able to transfer the mobile number to the new contract you've set up.

The second option is to ask Vodafone for a PAC to move the old number to an alternative Uk Mobile network and then use the sim card as Pay As You Go on the other alternative network and then when all is running as it should with your mobile number ask for a PAC to move the mobile number onto the new contract that's been set up.

It's a few hoops to jump through and can seem daunting at first but should be seamless if followed correctly. 

The tariff may also not have all the incentives the Vodafone direct one offers. 

In regards to why you have failed a credit check this could be any number of reasons. 

Check with Experian or one of the other credit houses to look at your credit file report. 

You could always call Vodafone Cuatomer Services on 191 and choose the thinking of leaving option which gets you through to the Retentions Department and discuss a better deal with them. Have the tariff information from the other 3rd parties at hand and screenshot. 

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2: Seeker


I was told by Vodafone that its nothing to do with my credit rating (which actually is a 100%  v.good) but Vodafone failure to clarify and educate third party agents. In essenece you can only upgrade with respective third party if your original contract is with them irrespective of them selling VODAFONE products !!!! SO I chased so many thrid part companies and many many calls to Vodafone and third party agents and everyone blamed each other, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY

Truly annoyed and disappointed, time to move on I think to better customer service which Vodafone are not!

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17: Community Champion

In that case upgrade direct with the network and consider trading in your old phone and use the money towards a new phone.  With the Black Friday deals due soon there will be some very good offers from Vodafone.  See here: Black Friday and SIM only offers 

From what you have written, you have been identify and credit checked by three third party sellers and failed each check, it is also never a good idea to have so many credit check within a short period.  Vodafone have this information on the website Credit Checks 

It's not Vodafone's job or responsibility to educate any third party sellers, neither is it correct you can only upgrade with a third party when the original contract was purchased direct with site.  Go for a new number and transfer your number to the new third party contract.  

Also remember the April CPI increase, purchasing third party you will pay the increase on the entire amount, with a Vodafone Evo contract you only pay the increase on the airtime part of the contract.