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Sure Signal/ GigaCube

GigaCube connection

2: Seeker

GigaCube located at LL28 4PN

Unlimited contract

Internet stopped connecting a week ago.

What is wrong?

What should I do to re-establish connection?

What refunds are due to me?


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Hey there @FredaS - Oh no! I understand this mustn't be ideal - I'm sure we can help get you up and running. After checking the network status in your area, I can see that there were some updates a couple of nights ago which may have effected your service, but should be good to go now.

Have you restarted the GigaCube?

Moved it to a different area of the house?

How many devices do you have connected to the GigaCube?

What lights are showing on the GigaCube?


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2: Seeker

Thanks - I've powered on and off and reset.

Now seems to be working

Cross fingers it continues

If not, I'll come back to you.

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