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Can you unblock a site?

2: Seeker
2: Seeker

Hi I need to click on a link sent on a text to me by steallantis to allow me to sign some paperwork for my new car finance and the link won’t open due to the secure net?  Could you unblock this for me?



Hey @Stayer63 If you send over the full site address we can raise it to the team to check the classification but it can take several days for a site to be reclassified and unblocked and we can't guarantee that SecureNet will allow it. If the link is for something important, it's advised to open it on a device such as a PC, laptop or tablet so that SecureNet won't stop you accessing it. 

Trouble is it has been sent to me in a text so have to open it on my phone?

You should be able to copy the link into an email which you can send yourself and then open it on a different device. Alternatively, can you ask for the documents to be resent to an email address? 

You can also turn off your Secure Net by following these steps:

  1. Tap Controls and Extras.
  2. Choose Manage Controls and Extras.
  3. Choose Mobile data options.
  4. Head to the Vodafone Secure Net section.
  5. Expand it, and move the slider to the left to turn off Secure Net.

Secure Net can then be turned back on whenever you want it again. There is a monthly charge of £1.10 for the feature so if you currently have a free trial, this will end if you switch it off. 

If you send over the site address I can raise it but I can't give you a timescale on when it will be reclassified so you can access it. 

don’t worry I’ve sorted the issue