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Master Unlock code

2: Seeker


Reading on here it seems easier to win the lottey than get your master unlock code from Vodafone! 

I have locked out my S7+ and the PUC is no good / dores not work. I need a master unlock code but the NUC email no longer works and sends me to online chat where noone is available and redirects me here! 


Please can an administrator assist in providing a master unlock code for imei no ##~##


Exhausted all options now! 

[MOD EDIT: This post has been edited to remove personal information, please see Community Guidelines]


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Hi @mcurrie12694, I'm sorry to see your Network Unlock Code (NUC) hasn't unlocked your phone for you! As we'll need to complete security to request the master code from the manufacturer, please send our team a message on Twitter or Facebook and we'll get this arranged for you. 

If you include your Community username along with a link to your post from here, you won't need to write your query out again and we can track down your messages if needed.

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