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Unlock Vodafone Uk Iphone to use abroad

2: Seeker



im from Portugal and i bought on Ebay UK an Iphone 11 Pro Max but it turns out its locked to Vodafone UK ( but not blacklisted)

how can i unlock the Iphone to use with a Portugues Sim CArd?


Thank You !


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17: Community Champion

Hi @lambrosio 


It would be worth doing a search of the unlocking board, there have been previous threads asking this question.  Unfortunately, unless you are going to be in a position to use the phone in the UK on the local network you are going have a problem getting the phone unlocked through the network. Please see this link: How do I unlock my phone if I am not a Vodafone UK customer? 


Your options will be to try and get the phone unlocked through the many unlocking services in Portugal, make a return to the seller or ask the seller if it is possible to request the unlocking from Vodafone.


The process is described here:

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2: Seeker

thank you so much !

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