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Unlock issue

2: Seeker



My contract with Vodafone expired in November, and I'm moving to another network on a SIM only deal. I made the mistake of transferring my number to the new sim before getting my phone unlocked.


I called Mobile Phones Direct, who I purchased from, and they initiated the Unlock request with Vodafone.  I then had an email saying I didn't meet the criteria: 


· The device has been used on the Vodafone UK network

· The device has been used with a Vodafone SIM for at least 30 days

· The device is not blacklisted, or reported as lost/stolen

· Pay Monthly customers have paid at least 3 months’ of bills, and the account has no outstanding balance

· An NUC hasn’t been requested for the device more than 3 times in the last 12 months


The problem is I do meet all of these - so I've now got no idea of how to move forwards with this issue. I spoke to someone on the Vodafone live chat, and they recommended I fill in the form on Vodafone to get it unlocked, despite it saying not to if you didn't purchase through them.


I'd appreciate a response on this as I'm currently without a phone.



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17: Community Champion

Hi @njm1991  fill the form in and you should be ok if you meet the criteria.

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2: Seeker

For anyone else that has the same issue - my first request was turned down due to "not meeting the criteria". 


After speaking to a Vodafone adviser on live chat, I filled in the unlock form on the Vodafone website, and a few days later received an email informing me my phone was unlocked. 


So I'm not sure why the first was turned down, but it terms out filling the Vodafone form did the trick, despite it telling me it wouldn't work if the phone was purchased from someone other than Vodafone.

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Hey there @njm1991 I'm really glad to hear you were able to get your phone unlocked in the end 😊 Please don't hesitate to get in touch if your need any further help!

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