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Vodaphone have confirmed IPad unlocked but Apple say it’s not

2: Seeker

Hi, I have had an email from Vodaphone to confirm that my IPad has been unlocked 13th February but every time I try 3's data card, the iPad says the new SIM card isn't supported by this iPad. I rang Apple and they have confirmed that the IPad is still locked to Vodaphone. 
Could there have been an error by Vodaphone when requesting the unlocking by IPad?

many thanks





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17: Community Champion

Usually when Vodafone have sent you that email the device isn't actually unlocked at that stage.

As Apple unlock the device centrally it can take a further 30 days sometimes for Apple to release the device.

Best practice is to keep inserting the sim card periodically within the 30 day time frame and hooking up to iTunes can help @Carnota21 

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