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ten days for a mck code.... what a joke!!!

2: Seeker

Well... getting passed from piller to post between vodafone amd samsung and what a battle its been.


So vodafone tell me they cant provide mck code, that I need to goto samsung, off to samsung I go, they say they dont give out codes its vodafone you need to speak to, so back across to vodafone, guy on phone says he will contact samsung obviously didnt hear of the outcome.

Fast forward nearly 10 hrs I phoned samsung explained what happened again dont give out mck codes so nearly lost the plot with them explaining what vodafone are saying etc so girl at samsung pit me on hold to speak to vodafone then passed me through to the girl at vodafone whp then tells me ot will be 10 days to get code....wait for it....from SAMSUNG.


Man you can't make this up.


Anyway I need the code NOW, not ten days from now. 


This whole setup is a nightmare!!!











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17: Community Champion

It's not good to hear you're being messed around @s1m0nw 

When it comes to a network locked mobile its Vodafone that have to get this resolved for you.

A manufacturer wether it be Samsung,  Apple or any other won't engage with helping with unlocking a network locked phone.

The Vodafone Agent shouldn't have tried to involve Samsung.

Some Samsung phones need a MCK MASTERCODE also known as an unfreeze code as well as the Nuc.

It's Vodafones duty of care to get this for you.

In regards to timeframes I'm not sure why it would take them this long unless they need to get a particular one from Samsung.

Unfortunately the team cant help from a post on the forum as there is no account access here but they might be able to help via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries/td-p/2639865 

The only other option would be to use a reputable online unlocking site or Highstreet Store that advertises they unlock phones but that would come at a cost via a fee.

Thankfully phones now will have to be supplied unlocked out of the box from December 2021 and Vodafone are actually now starting to supply phones now unlocked. I appreciate that doesn't help your situation. 

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