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V-SOS Band alerts

1: Seeker

I purchased a V-SOS Band just over a month ago for my elderley mother to wear. She's semi-independent and goes out shopping by herself, but has been known to fall and not be able to get up. She also has health conditions where she can feel breathless and might need help quickly.


We thought that the V-SOS band would be ideal. She could call for help in case of an emergency, and we'd know exactly where she was whether she was at home or out. And the fall detection sounded like an excellent feature so that if she was unable to press the button, we'd still know that she needed help.


However there's one problem which makes the entire product useless - the alerts. There's currently no way to make the app do anything other than pop a notification on the screen along with whatever notification sound is selected. What we need instead is the option to make the phone make a loud sound as if the phone was ringing. And this sound needs to be able to override silent mode and push the phone volume to the maximum.


If my phone is in my bag, or I'm in a meeting or something, I'm not going to see a notification unless I look at my phone. If I'm asleep, I certainly won't notice a notification. The app needs a loud alarm that sounds continually until one of the contacts responds to the emergency. Either that or the device is not fit for purpose and needs to be refunded.

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Thanks for your feedback @SushiGirl, anything that can improve the V-SOS band and make it safer for wearers is a plus. 

You can have yourself and up to four other family members alerted at any time when the band is pressed, or a fall happens; upping the chances that you'll be notified. The band also goes into emergency mode, where it displays a traffic light system; letting the wearing know if the alerts been received and help is on the way. There's also the option to tailor the alert notification in the easy to use app. 

Of course I'll make sure to pass along your comments to the relevant team for them to look into. If you have any other question, don't hesitate to get back in touch. 

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