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Accessiblity options on iOS/iPhone Pro Max

4: Newbie

I've just received an iPhone 11 Pro Max, coming from a Huawei Mate 20 Pro.


Prior to the arrival of the iPhone, I tried and returned a P40 Pro and an Oppo Find X2 Pro due to the lack of accessibility options.


I was hoping to either find a member or members of the community familiar with the accessibility options on iOS that may be able to assist me. I reached out to Apple and didn't find the answers required.


Firstly, does anyone know of a voice command within the phone's settings, or how to customise a command, that will allow me to say "answer call" when there's an incoming call and the handset will not only answer but, automatically enable the handsets built-in speaker?


This option is a standard command among the accessibility options available on the Mate 20 Pro and one I've come to rely on due to physical disability.


The best I've managed so far is to set the handset to enable the speaker immediately when answering a call.


Secondly, and nothing to do with accessibility, does anyone know how to adjust the notification tones separate from the ringer?


Some of the notifications are deafening but, if I reduce the volume, I can hardly hear incoming calls.


And finally, is anyone aware of an app that can disable location-based phone lock? There appears to be no such setting.


Having searched online, it would appear Apple introduced it on iOS in 2014 but, it's since been removed? Is that correct?


I want to use the handset lock but, crucially, only when away from home. I don't need or want the handset locked when home.

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Hi Woogy Our online device guides will help you change your ring tones and notification alerts. Answering your calls using your voice is just one of the things you can do by setting up Voice controls on your iPhone.

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4: Newbie

Thank you for your reply @Mark.


That link to the Apple guide on voice control is the same an Apple adviser referred me to.


It doesn't help because, based on the advice given there, it would appear it isn't possible to create an action using voice command to answer a call.


And the device guide is rather rudimentary and doesn't answer either question with regard separating the ringer volume from notification volume or the lack of a location-based phone lock.


These are two very basic functions, I can't believe they're not part of iOS.


I received the handset on Tuesday 1st September after speaking to a Vodafone adviser over the telephone on Saturday 29th August.


So, I will assume I have until this Saturday to notify Vodafone I wish to return the handset.


I think i will have to pose some questions over on the android board to see if anyone has an all encompassing handset they can recommend to exchange for.

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