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How to make Google Infocard work with apple maps

3: Seeker


When I search Google for any kind of establishment (restaurant, cinema, etc), I get presented with an information card about that location.

If I click on the address shagle shown in the info card, it opens in the web version of Google maps (since I don’t have Google maps installed). Is there a way to open that in Apple Maps or am I stuck manually entering the address in apple maps?

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Hey @Mk_Mika I hope you're well and having a great day 🌻 I can certainly appreciate wanting to use Apple Maps! Unfortunately it does appear that Google have it set that if you search an address in their search bar you will always be directed to either the Google Maps App or the web version. 

You may have to just enter the address into Apple Maps instead if you want to use that rather than Google Maps.

I'm sure if you have a google search there may be a way around this, but that may mean installing third party apps in order to bypass the default settings set by Google and this isn't always recommended.

Alternatively, someone may find an easier way around this and pop a response here so keep checking back 😊

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