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Unblacklist device

3: Seeker

I reported my phone missing on 30/08 and my phone was blacklisted. 
I reported it found on 02/09 and a request was put in to ‘unblacklist’ my phone and advisor said it would take 24 hours. 
Reported on 03/09 that still not working, another request went in and again told 24 hours. 
Reported again on 05/09 and told request had been made a priority but to wait for 48 hours. 
Reported again on 08/09 and told the request had been set as pending but now was 100% set to open and in 24 hours would definitely be sorted. 
Device still not working. Not sure what else to do? Seems like the advisors are doing the same thing every time but it’s not making any difference? Possibly keeps reverting back to pending for some reason. 
Anyone else had this problem? Been a week since I reported it found and the first request went in. 

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Hey @jenwolf22 I hope you're doing well 😊 I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing trouble getting your device un-blacklisted!

Please drop a message to our Social Media team here so they can securely access your account and get this escalated to the Blacklisting team. 

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