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I want to swap my existing number from Three to a Vodafone eSIM for my iPhone, is this possible?

2: Seeker

Hey folks,


Currently I've got two phone contracts out, one with Vodafone for my handset and sim, and one with Three for SIM-only. The number on the Three SIM is the number I've had for years, and would like to keep, but I also want to keep my existing Vodafone number.


I know that the iPhone supports dual-sim with eSIM, and I was wondering if it was possible to keep my Three SIM's number, transfer it to a Vodafone SIM, and convert that to an eSIM so I can use both numbers on my iPhone.


Cheers in advance :Smiling: 

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Hey @scottwatters 👋 Thanks for dropping us a message, I hope you're well and having a lovely week 😊

If you have a compatible phone we may be able to pop your Three number onto eSIM format for you so you can use both numbers! To get clarification and confirmation of this though, please get in touch with our Sales team on 191 or here and they will go through your options with you and advise you on the best route to take 😁

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