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Temp Phone number

1: Seeker

Phone keeps sending two texts one from my number one from my temp number 

So my phone had two numbers 


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Nathan109 


You only need to update your phone number.


Settings > phone > my number


I would also recommend using Google for information to update your i message to the new number.


When completed synchronise to itunes/Apple to complete the process and update the SIM.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Nathan109  the iMessage settings mentioned by @AnnS  are


Go to settings, message, send receive 

Tap on Apple ID and sign out. 
Turn iMessage off. 
Turn your phone off for at least 10 seconds

Go to settings, message, iMessage turn back on

Tap on send receive and sign in to Apple ID 

Make sure correct number showin in "start new conversations from"


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