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Unable to send pictures on Whatsapp, load data on Instagram and Facebook or Hotspot phone

2: Seeker

Hi, this is an ongoing issue that neither I, nor a few Vodafone colleagues have been able to resolve so really hoping someone can help 🤞

When I'm using my data 4g and 5g, I'm having the following problems:

  • Unable to send pictures via WhatsApp 
  • Unable to use phone as a Hotspot (it cannot be found by laptop)
  • Unable to load new data on Facebook and Instagram (I get the error messages "No Internet Connection" followed by "Couldn't Refresh Feed").

So far I've been provided the following which have not resolved it:

  • 2 new sim cards
  • a link to check/reset my cellular data network details are correct

Things i've already checked:

  • Cellular Data is "on"
  • Personal Hotspot is "on"


Please Help :Laughing_Face:


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@Li33ie - thanks for reaching out to us and the tests that you’ve already gone through. When you’re connected via Wi-Fi, do all of these feature’s work? Also, are other internet applications working on your phone and do written messages send through Whatsapp?

We may need to check a few things n your account. So that we can do this, please contact my team through Social Media. Please include a link to this thread to save explaining yourself again 🙂

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2: Seeker

Hi, everything works when on WiFi (except hotspot but thats normal isnt it?). 
I can send messages on whatsapp on wifi or data. 
I havnt noticed any other apps not working properly, just facebook and insta.

I'll contact via social media. Thanks :Laughing_Face:

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Community Manager

Thanks @Li33ie - I can see we've been in touch over Facebook and we'll continue the conversation there 🙂 

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