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iOS 14.5 brings 5G dual sim support and 5G roaming

16: Advanced member

I posted last year around the fact I was a little grumpy that Apple had released 5G devices that didn't

  • Support 5G when using dual sim (it fell back to 4G) and
  • Didn't allow you to use 5G when roaming

On their own website, they insinuated it was a case of it being down to the carriers (I challenged this as Vodafone have offered 5G roaming since 2019).

It turns out that didn't matter as since then, I've been nowhere so would never have known unless it had been pointed out. 

This has been fixed with the arrival of iOS 14.5


The new iOS 14.5 gives us:

IMG_0747.jpgSupport for 5G when using dual sim mode and 


 5G international roaming 


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16: Advanced member

Is it time to update the page on the website, still says 5G roaming not available 

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