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App not opening

1: Seeker

I tried to open it by my phone no but it says exception for  vodaphone sor

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17: Community Champion

Which app won't open ? 

Googling for “ exception for  vodaphone sor ” does not bring much back.

Does your phone show any error code.

Have you done anything recently that may have affected the app.

i.e did it work previously ?

Here are some troubleshooting tips you could try on your Android phone @Sreeharijidesh 


  • Make sure the app has been updated via your Playstore.
  • Close the app down in your multi tasking then turn your phone Off and then back On and try launching the app.
  • Go into something similar to Settings, Apps, tap on the app that's affected,  storage and then clear cache. If necessary clear data too if clearing the cache does not help.
  • Delete the app from your phone phone also from your Playstore MyLibrary and then re download a fresh copy that's compatible with your phone and software version of the phone. 
  • Check there are no software updates available for your phone in the phone's software update section.
  • If this is your Vodafone Network App them speak with customer service's on 191 or Live Chat or the Vodafone Social Media Team's via Here  
  • Speak with the developer of the app which their details are usually found in the details of the app in the Playstore.
  • See if there is an alternative app you can use.
  • On some phone's you can clear the phone's System Cache Files. Doing this does not also delete your personal information. Try a Google Search for your model of phone to find the process.
  • If your phone has a sd card and you have the option to move the app to the sd card and you have them the card maybe malfunctioning so move the app back to the phone and try again. It could be beneficial to actually eject the sd card just in case it's that.
  • Sometimes one app can cause another to glitch so sometimes deleting your most recent one's until the affected app works is an option.
  • Sometimes as a very last resort back up and remove any relevant sd card and factory reset.
  • Google Search to see of any others are experiencing the same issues.

I wish you all the best with this. 

Current Phone >

Samsung Z Fold³ 5G.

Previous Phone >

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G - SM9860.

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Hey, @Sreeharijidesh, please try the suggestions provided by @BandOfBrothers. If you're still experiencing issues afterwards , get back to us with a bit more information - including which app you're trying to access. If you can also provide us with a screenshot of the error message you've been getting, this would be helpful 👍

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