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Huawei - data recovery

4: Newbie

How can I recover any videos from my Huawei P30 Lite phone after factory reset ? Its nightmare as I accidently bypassed the prompt to backup before fresh reset.


Please, please anyone help ? Any apps that I can use or any thing ? There were about 38 videos on the phone storage before the reset. Also, I'd like to add that the  USB cable to insert the phone into the PC is a damaged, so I i would struggle to insert the cable into the PC. I've been using AirMore software when needed to remotely transfer data.


I tried to add the videos on One Drive, but for some bizzare reason they saved as PNG file rather than video.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Unfortunately if you didn't routinely create back ups / your phone wasn't set to create back ups then when a factory reset is actioned, and completed this takes the phone back to the last successful software update, and wipes the phone of your saved data.

There maybe fragments of certain files on the phone but typically they are fragmented so not fully recoverable. 

If you google search you'll see many software programmes purporting to be able to recover some files which are free or paid for.

Have a look at their reviews to see what other people's opinions are on them after using them.

A Highstreet Store that repairs phone's may be able to access files.

Look to see if there is a dedicated community forum for fellow Huawei phone owners to see if there are any existing posts that point towards possible help, and or sign up to ask.

I appreciate how important such videos and pictures are to a person so I do wish you the best of luck @aqeeluk 

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2: Seeker

In your situation, you can try using cloud-based recovery options. Check if your videos were automatically backed up to Google Photos. If not, services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or AirMore (which you've been using) might have saved copies.

For the damaged USB cable issue, you could consider repairing or replacing it to establish a stable connection with your PC. Additionally, look into data recovery apps like DiskDigger, designed to recover lost files directly from your Android device.