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One Number - Roaming (Wear OS)

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2: Seeker

I've recently enabled a One Number eSIM on my Wear OS (Pixel) Watch.

I've noticed notice that if I'm roaming, the watch eSIM will not connect to the network and says Not Roaming. Similarly, this means I can't use the watch standalone when I'm outside of the UK, even if I've either a) got included roaming, or b) agreed to roaming.

Looking at Google's help page, there ought to be an option on the Watch to enable roaming, but it's not showing up on my Watch / eSIM. Has this been disabled by Voda?

I've already seen on that page that SMS reception is not supported on Wear OS in standalone, but sending is (which seems odd?).






Hi @nickpiggottWe support roaming on both primary and secondary devices. This means the same roaming experience across them both – as long as your smartwatch has roaming capabilities built in. To firstly make sure that we're on the same page, please answer the following: 


- Do you experience any issues with your OneNumber Connectivity plan in the UK?

- Do you have roaming enabled on your phone? 

- Have you checked your account for any roaming related bars?

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2: Seeker


OneNumber is working fine in the UK, and roaming is enabled on my phone. I regularly roam, and was doing so last week. The phone roams fine, but the watch says that roaming is not enabled.

However, the option that *should* be displayed to enable roaming in the Vodafone profile on the *watch* is absent. The Google help article mentions where it should be located in the phone navigation, but it isn't showing up.

On that basis, I assume it's something to do with the operator profile that's been provided by Vodafone, that is removing the menu item to enable roaming?



I agree I have the same problem.

My apple watch ultra 2 also cannot do roaming.

Hey @warwickhan I hope you're doing well! Please come and chat to the Social Media Team here so this can be checked out and we can get it working properly. 

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It's frustrating that the eSIM on your Wear OS watch won't connect while roaming. It's odd that the roaming option is missing – hopefully, it's just a setting issue that can be resolved soon.