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Mi 9 Miui 11 upgrade Sim problem

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Hi. After waiting for a Miui upgrade for over a year Vodafone has rolled one out today. I've done the upgrade and I am unable to enable my SIM card and hence unable to make calls. Any ideas? TIA


Moderator (Retired)
Moderator (Retired)

Hi everyone, thanks so much for flagging and rest assured this is something we've been working on with the manufacturer to get you all connected to what you love again. 

To keep you all updated, Xiaomi have advised that a patch is going through final testing through their side and we're looking to verify this from our side today.

All going well, this patch should be with you over the next few days, by next week at the very latest.

Please don't try any troubleshooting steps such as a factory reset or arranging a repair of the phone as once the software is out, this will resolve things for you.

Once we have confirmation that the fix is working and when it can be released, we'll let you know ASAP here. 

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Same issue here. Got excited, downloaded the update and hit install. 30 minutes later it still hadn't booted and I ended up having to factory reset and was then greeted with the SIM issue. A reboot, another factory reset and a different SIM (tried both SIM slots too) made no difference.


Edit: Response from live chat with technical support


The case has been already escalated to the team and they are in touch with manufacturers to check the issue and get it resolved as soon as possible. We have not been provided the exact time, But it should be up and running soon, most probably in next few hours. We can assure its definitely software issue for MI9 handset as checked with team.


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Hi Guys.


It might be an idea to conduct a Google search to see if others are experiencing these issues with their phone after the most recent firmware update.

i.e dedicated forums for that phone.

Vodafone typically pre test updates before allowing them to be sent out to their branded phones. i.e phones supplied by them.

Obviously they have no control of updates being sent out to unbranded phones.

It might be worth asking the Vodafone Social Media Teams via Contact-us-for-account-specific-queries to ask their teams to see if a bug is evident.

Usually doing what you have i.e remove the sim and or factory reset helps.

Also sometimes an update needs to fully settle and the phone index so this might self resolve pretty fast.

Soft rebooting by turning the phone Off and On typically helps.


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Many thanks for your reply. My phone is a branded phone bought a year ago ina Vodafone shop in a contract. Will contact your social media teams.

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Rednose66 


Please do so because if this turns out to be affecting phones negatively they'll need to probably contact the manufacturer sharpish to get a patch pushed out.




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Samsung Galaxy s²³ Ultra 512gb Phantom Black.



I'm currently on live chat running through everything (even though I've already done it myself).

Factory Reset x2 : Didn't work

Countless reboots : Didn't work

Remove SIM for two minutes and put back in : Didn't work

Try different SIM : Didn't work

Check SIM in different phone to check the SIM is fine. It is.


I've chucked out a tweet tagging vodafone international and UK, Miui and Xiaomi in the hope that if someone searches anything they'll see the warning. Will update my posts with any outcome.


Another one here struggling.


Not going to be able to work from home without my phone!!

I'm having the exact same issue. I updated my Mi 9 this morning and now I can't use my phone. It's like there's no sim card in but there is.

On with conversation over Twitter dm's. I'll let you know if anything changes!

I'm two hours in on live chat and have just been transferred to "our highest authority technical department."