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New Vodafone APN settings break my Internet connection, have to revert to old ones, help!!

2: Seeker

Upgrade, sim only, or restart on phone, new APN settings stop Internet working, any ideas? 

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17: Community Champion

Hi @Speedwayracer 


The APN settings won't have changed.


There have been other threads about this configuration message and this will always automatically be sent when the SIM is changed or when there has been a software update to the phone.  The advise is to text WEB to 40127, this will update your SIM on the network and configure your APN settings.


Also further information here: What should I do if I have no or slow data connection?

and on the devise support: Device Guides





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2: Seeker

And, when those settings are applied, my Internet connection fails, and have to revert to previous settings, I have discussed this with voda at length, they aren't sure why, but acknowledge it happens to me... 

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@Speedwayracer We can take a look to stop this from happening with your internet and settings.

Please pop us a message on Facebook or Twitter @VodafoneUK. When you include a link to your Community post and username, this means you won't need to repeat your question and we'll help quickly.

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