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New s24 ultra camera problems

2: Seeker
2: Seeker
  • When ever I take a picture on my new s24 ultra it takes one picture then the camera goes to camera failed, after resting the phone the same sequence of events happens.This phones camera is really  not fit for purpose.Bearing in mind this is costing me 1300 pounds .Any. solutions would be appreciated. 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @mabez18x - this sounds frustrating. It sounds like your phone needs to be sent away, to be looked at by the repair center. If you had the phone directly from us, then please message us on Social Media

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

How new? Days, weeks or months? If it's days, I'd be going for a replacement, I wouldn't be putting up with a warranty repair.

1: Seeker

The focus issue drives me nuts... I use my camera zoom like binoculars constantly at work to check inventory. Even in 12MP mode anything past x5 zoom causes horrific blurring to the point the camera becomes unusable. Doesn't seem condition related, like poor lighting causing it.. it seems to work sometimes and others not, with no settings changed in between. I'm baffled.

Have only had the phone since Friday and haven't found a fix. Pretty disappointed coming from my amazing Note 10+ 5G.

Hello, @coter. I hope you're well. It's disappointing to hear that you're also experiencing problems with the camera on your new phone. As you've mentioned only having the device since Friday, you could discuss an exchange by either chatting to us online here or by calling up on 03333 040 191. 

16: Advanced member
16: Advanced member

Apparently we may get a lot of fixes in the upcoming 6.1.1 update. Seems too easy for companies to release sub standard software and just fix it later.