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People can't hear me, but I can hear them.

2: Seeker

This only happens on regular (Vodafone/Voxi) mobile calls. Calls on WhatsApp, or Duo have no issues. They can hear me fine.

It's not like I make that many voice calls, particularly at the moment, so these calls are always to, or from my home. Could it just be a network coverage issue? It is a problem for me though, as this is my only number for any contacts other than friends, where WhatsApp etc is not an option.

I did not have these issues with my previous mobile operator, on the same phone (Pixel 4a 5G)

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Hi @Wryly23 - are you able to check your SIM in another phone? 

If it works ok then it's either a settings issue on your phone or a phone fault. You can restore your phone to it's original settings by completing a factory reset - you can find out how to do this on our support pages. 

If this doesn't fix things then it could be a phone fault, then we can send it off to be looked at by our Repair team under your 24 month warranty 🙂

Then if your SIM doesn't work in another phone, we'd know it's the SIM that needs replacing - and my team can do this over Facebook or Twitter

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