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Recent Xperia 5 II update has broken Wifi Calling

4: Newbie

Hi, after installing the latest update for my Xperia 5 II  this week (58.2.A.10.126), I see that Wifi Calling is no longer appearing as an option in call settings.  Also I received an "OMA Client Provisioning" message after the update but when I click on it nothing happens, in the past this message would enable the Wifi Calling option.


I've been on chat to Vodafone support twice this week for about 2 hours in total, they have tried switching Wifi Calling on and off again on my account and I've been through the normal process of restarting the phone and taking the SIM card out etc, but still I do not have a resolution.  The last Vodafone support person told me that it's not their problem since Sony provides the updates, however I was under the impression that the carrier (Vodafone) is responsible for provisioning the Wifi Calling option?


Is anyone able to advise what I can do next?  Where I live I have very poor Vodafone signal so I rely on Wifi Calling! 


17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

This does seem to happen sometimes and is fixable, but not, I think, by the route of toggling the setting.   Drop the Social Media team a note on Facebook or Twitter and they'll be able to take your details privately and get this escalated for you.

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

Further to what has already been written here. 


This is simple enough for Vodafone to fix, all that needs to be done is for live chat to send the OTA configuration settings file for WiFi calling to the phone, not sure why this has not already been done.  Most certainly the Social Team here Contact Us will be able to get these settings sent to your phone. 

Thanks for your reply but as per my initial message I think they have sent the settings as I get the "OMA Provisioning Message" in my notification bar, however after tapping this nothing happens.  I've tried contacting them on Facebook now, thanks

17: Community Champion
17: Community Champion

If you have been sent the settings @dws199 you still need to turn on the feature.  Go to your call settings, the toggle on should be there.  If it is missing, you may need to factory reset after the update and request the OTA configuration settings again.