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Samsung galaxy flip z3

2: Seeker

Just wondering if anyone knows when Vodafone re stock, ordered a Samsung galaxy flip z 3 green on back order it said 1-2 weeks which I was a bit annoyed at as o2 and Samsung themselves have stock but I was like ok fair enough, since have checked back on Vodafone website and now if you go to order a green one it says 2-3 weeks? Surely if Samsung etc have stock they can get stock? So frustrating, would help if I could find my order to track but when I go on account orders it’s not there only have emails for order confirmation.

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17: Community Champion

It all depends on how many Flip³ phone's Vodafone have ordered to how many orders they've taken from customers @Ktjf4 

The timeframe on the Vodafone Online Store will give you an idea on how long however that's for new orders and yours will be in a queue.

Customer services on 191 and Live Chat will have an idea for you.

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