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Slow initialising

2: Seeker
2: Seeker


I have a Doro phone which I use almost exclusively for calls, texts and photos. There is no reception where I live and I cannot use a mobile at work (radio astronomy observatory), so I use Pay As You Go and have data turned off.  For the last few months, when I switch the phone on somewhere with reception (but not on a wireless network), it takes several minutes to get going and says 'Initialising'.   I suspect that something is trying to contact the internet and of course failing. I think I managed to remove Google Assistant, which was making the phone even slower, but it is still not as fast to get going as about a year ago.  This is very frustrating e.g. when I have to leave the house and climb a fence to get reception to get a security code, which has timed out before it comes through!  Any tips please?



Hey @amsr. Thank you for reaching out about this! You can check your coverage on our checker here. Alternatively, we'd be happy to take a look into your coverage and see if there's anything we can do to help speed things up for you. You can reach out to our Social Media Team by following this link.

Thanks for the quick response offer, but as I live near the radio astronomy observatory I work for, a stronger broadcast mobile signal is the last thing I want.  I just want the phone to start within a few seconds with data switched off, not several minutes.  I did previously ask about using my home network for SMS and calls but it appears that Vodafone do not provide this for a Doro phone.

Community Manager
Community Manager

When your data is switched of, it will take a little longer for your phone to be ready to use @amsr, as it will be connecting to our 2G network and data does travel much slower over a 2G connection. We do only guarantee our WiFi Calling service over phoners that have been purchased directly from ourselves, as this doesn't sound like this is the case here, it may not be something we can offer. You should still be able to connect to your home WiFi for a data connection though.

Thanks very much Mark, I will bear in mind the information  on WiFi callingif I ever replace the phone.  Yes, I can use WiFi e.g. to update the o/s.  When not on WiFi but  using the phone network, though, I am still confused as to why switching data off slows down the phone - does it not realise just not to bother to start looking for data?  To put it another way, if all I want to do is old-fashioned making and receiving calls and texts, why is this slower than doing fancy stuff?  Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That is possibly connected to the phone @amsr. I've started my phone with both data on and off, and I don't see a difference between the start up times. It may help if you reach our to Doro directly about this.

Thank-you very much for checking, I will do as you suggest..

Hi, sorry, I think I may have found the problem.  I keep getting messages from Vodafone about updating to 4G.  I have checked repeatedly and indeed I have had 4G enabled for a long time.  However, when I try to follow the final part of the instructions for installing VoLTE,  the list of phones supported does not include Doro.  So is the problem that Vodafone does not offer VoLTE for Doro? Thanks again, Anita

It certainly sounds like that may be the case @amsr You can confirm if your phone is compatible by pop in your IMEI here.

Thanks Janey, yes, I have done that. When I follow the links on the phone it is 4-G compatible and my Android is up to date and I have had my network preference set to 2G/3G/4G for a long time, but when I come to the screen to install VoLTE it does not show Doro.  Using the links on a laptop browser it does not even offer  VoLTE unless I am missing something.  Thanks again for taking the trouble to help.