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3: Seeker

Hi. Is there any virus checker on a Samsung mobile?


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17: Community Champion

Hi @Pylang 


See here: Samsung - How do I use the Smart Manager application to check for malware or viruses? 


Mobile phones do not get a virus in the same way as a PC and Play Protect should scan installed Applications for any viruses.


A search of the Play Store will reveal some anti virus Applications, if you have anti virus software on the PC, this can be usually be installed on the phone included in the subscription.

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15: Advanced member

Samsung phones have protection built in and you don't really need any additional security software.

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17: Community Champion

There are applications you can download from the Playstore @Pylang 

Your phone has a built-in one via Settings,  Device Care, Device Protection. 

Your phone will automatically scan apps too to ensure everything OK.

Current Phone  >

Samsung Galaxy s²² Ultra 256gb Phantom Black.



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17: Community Champion

On a couple of occasions when something was a bit odd, I installed Avast and did a scan, but it never found anything and the issue went away,.   It might be worth trying something like that for peace of mind - you can uninstall afterwards if you want to save space and/or resources.

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