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All emails have been deleted on Q10

1: Seeker

Please help!!!


This morning I deleted one email it appeared to freeze so I hit the button 3 times but the email still stayed then I discovered all my other emails were gone.  


Normally when I delete from my handset I log into email account on laptop and have to delete the email again, this time all the emails were gone except the one that stuck.


I've checked the trash folder on both handset and email account but they have vanished, any ideas where they have gone or how i can restore???



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9: Established

Hi Kerrie81 - Sorry to read about your Dilemna. The first thing to address is the mailbox. You wrote when you go on the laptop, you could see the mail had gone from the actual mailbox itself. So your first task must be to contact whoever administers control of that mailbox, in an attempt to recover any of the emails that have been deleted - Once you have recovered the emails - you may wish to consider deleting your mailbox on the handset, then re-adding. This will then pull down from the original mailbox onto the handset. You can, of course, always call customer services for guidance through this, once - first and foremost - you have mail in the  original mailbox itself.   

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2: Seeker


this seems to be a recurring issue within some BB Q10 devices. it has happened end to me twice now and both times were when the phone was not being used (indeed the first time was overnight), nor did i delete anything myself
the phone just decided to delete all emails, texts etc from all my email accounts from both the device and the server.
is this an issue vodafone have come across before and if so what can be done as i cannot afford to lose emails on a regular basis as this is a work based phone.


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Moderator (Retired)

Hi jphjphjph1, 


A quick Google search has given quite a few results of users experiencing this same issue. 


Can you try deleting your email account and resetting it back up to see if this helps? 



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2: Seeker
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2: Seeker


not sure that that will be any help as it was all email accounts - i have 5, plus all text messages that were deleted, so not just emails.

it seems to be an issue with the hub i think from what i read in the various forums etc, and the main issue was it deleted from the server too and this was even with the settings on my phone set to only delet from handset


the hub overode the settngs and deleted evrything!!





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