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Are these any good?

12: Established

I've been looking at an extended life battery for my BB9360, as the battery life is not brilliant - eBay item number 350938063284.

Has anyone bought one? Are they any good? Any problems?

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17: Community Champion

I'd be very wary of something that cheap.  Reading the feedback for the seller, it looks as though they may in fact be based in the far east.  There isn't necessarily anything wrong, but cheap Li-ion batteries can develop leaks.   If air/moisture gets in, that's when they catch fire.


The fact that the product is clearly made in China isn't of itself a problem, as most batteries are, even manufacturer-branded ones.

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9: Established

Hi there, HYRM is correct. In addittion to which, if your battery is not an approved unit, you may void any warranty.

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